Clubroom Hire

Application for Use of Clubrooms

Terms and Conditions

Please read -

* Please note that hours may be changed at LCFC's discretion dependent on licencing arrangements.

* Applicants may be asked to pay the costs of any special licencing requirements.

* LCFC will provide the bar staff and the venue at no charge provided the applicant is a member of the club. Example of member: Life member, player, member, parent of junior player, Juve Club

* The clubrooms and kitchen are made available on the basis that it is agreed that the rooms are cleaned and left in the same condition that they were when the function commenced.

* The LCFC Bar staff will at all times be in charge of your function and it will be at their discretion to close any function down for any reason they see fit.

* Requests to use the clubrooms will be submitted to the committee for approval & acceptance.I the undersigned understand & agree to terms and conditions mentioned.

If you have any issues or queries please Email Us