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• Labor and Brian Mitchell commit $500,000

• Liberals and Susie Bower commits $1 million

• Additional grant applied for under the Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF)

• Development supports over 600 junior and seniors players directly (and many more indirectly) and includes female change room provisions and improvements to health and safety at the club

• Players from our club come from both Lyons and Bass and the grounds form a regional facility for football in Launceston with improvements allowing scope for far greater use of existing grounds.

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We are pleased to announce that the Meander Valley Council has approved the development application for our proposed development. We thank the Meander Valley Council and our consulting partners JAWSARCHITECTS for their work on the project to date!

We’re now seeking to confirm funding for the project, which will in turn determine the scope of the development for building approval applications.

The $1 million commitment from the Tasmanian Liberals state government is still applicable and provides us with the foundation of our project (both figuratively and literally). However, further funds are required to reach our proposed budget of $3 million.

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Brian Mitchell MP – Federal Member for Lyons – Australian Labor Party has committed $500,000. We thank Brian Mitchell and the Labor Party for this commitment. Whilst this does go some way towards helping us reach our goal, we will potentially fall short of the required budget to complete all proposed works. We have reached out to Ross Hart for Bass and Brian to consider increasing this commitment to atleast match the Liberals commitment and ensure we can complete the project.

Susie Bower – Liberal for Lyons and the Liberal Party of Australia have also made a commitment of $1 million towards the project in addition to the existing $1 million committed by the Jeremy Rockliff Tasmanian Liberals team. Again, we thank Susie Bower and her team, who has taken a keen interest in the club over multiple years.

The board has also applied to the Australian Government Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF) grant program seeking a grant of $1 million to match the commitment by State Liberals. The outcome of the grant won’t be known until later this year, and may be subject to the outcome of Federal election.

The board will continue to work through all available options to ensure this development has the best possible chance of being completed and with the widest scope to ensure both our members and the wider football community benefits.

We encourage all our members to reach out to their local members and thank them for their existing contributions and encourage them to support the club in completing these works, particularly those candidates for Bass (Ross Hart and Bridget Archer) and Lyons (Brian Mitchell and Susie Bower).

Scott Morrison

Anthony Albanese

Senator Don Farrell

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Janie Finlay MP

Michelle O’Byrne

Simon Wood

Senator Wendy Askew

Michael Ferguson

Nick Duigan MLC

Rosemary Armitage MLC

Eric Abetz

Mark Shelton MP

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John Tucker – Lib MP for Lyons

Rebecca White MP

Jen Butler MP

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Jo Palmer MLC