2022 Reverse Draw


Prizes –

1st prize – $2,000 Cash!

2nd prizeĀ – $500 Cash!

3rd prize – $250 Cash!

Three spot draws at $50 each!

$100 for first number drawn!

Random mystery prizes throughout the night!

A number purchased in the Reverse Draw will include beer, wine, cider, soft drink, water and food throughout the draw.

Note: All numbers marked red on the board have already been sold.



  • 250 tickets available to purchase in the draw.
  • A person can buy multiple tickets.
  • The draw will take place once at the Launceston City Football Club clubrooms from 7:30pm, Saturday 27th of August.
  • Winning numbers will be drawn out live and randomly from bingo machine on the night


will be Given to Winner for Free